Short-Sleeved Shirt of Mail, 15th-century Germany

Date: 15th-century and partly older

Geography: Germany, possibly Nuremberg

Weave: Mostly riveted and solid with the collar in solely riveted rings

Rings: mostly 7mm ID with smaller and bulkier collar rings

Condition: Good with filled-in modern rings

Ownership: Private Owner Matthias Zimmermann

Reference-Number: I01

This piece is assigned to the 15th century mainly because of its collar and tailoring. The shirt body shows some period repairs and could be significantly older. Major areas of the extremities are patched with handmade rings made by the owner. They are noticeably brighter. The brass mark is also a modern addition.

The shirt’s tailoring suggests that the slit has to rest on the wearers’ back. The reconstructed length is defined by a short section of original rings in the front resembling a hem. The shirt is widening from the belly towards the lower hem, as far as that is still observable on the remaining original rings. Similarly, the front is widening from the belly towards the chest with a V-shaped formation.

The rings are generally riveted and solid with the collar being an exception of solely riveted rings. All riveted rings show flush sides on one side and rivet heads on the other.