3/4 Sleeved Shirt 15th-century Oriental Occidental

Date: 15th- or 16th-century

Geography: Possibly European Origin and Middle-Eastern Changes

Weave: Solely riveted rings

Rings: about 7mm ID

Condition: Excellent

Ownership: Private Owner

Reference-Number: I02

This armour has European-looking rings paired with a shape of Middle-Eastern appearance. Possibly it was an export at the time of the 15th or 16th century. It has long leg sections made in Eastern fashion with wide slits and gaps in between. It is up to speculation where manufacturing and the possible alteration took place. Yet the lower part is certainly made of similar yet slightly different-shaped rings.

All rings give a sturdy and well-made impression. Near the neck slit, there is an extra band of slightly smaller rings. That could have served as an aid for closure with a buckle or a hook that is now missing. Around the armpit, there is a 90-degree pattern transition that can rather be attributed to occidental than oriental tradition.