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Making Butted Rings For Mail Armor

How to make butted mail armor rings.

Making Riveted Chainmail – How to Make Riveted Rings

How to make riveted chainmail rings.
Chainmail expansion with idle rings to expand or contract.

Chainmail Expansion and Contraction – Tailoring like Knitting

How chainmail can be tailored by expansion and contraction.
How to make a tailored chainmail shirt

Making a Chainmail Shirt – A Chainmail Tailoring Tutorial

How to make a custom tailored a mail shirt.

Making Sleeves For Mail Armor

How to shape tight fitting chainmail sleeves.

Making A Chain Mail Coif

How to make a chainmail coif.
Open Chausses

Making Chainmail Chausses with Shoes – Mail Leg Armor

How to make mail tights and mail legwear.
Mail Collar and Bishops Mantle follow a similar construction.

Mail Collar and Bishops Mantle

How to make a Bishops Mantle.