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Materials For Making Chain Mail Armor

How to choose materials for making mail armor.

Making Butted Rings For Mail Armor

How to make butted mail armor rings.
Chainmail expansion with idle rings to expand or contract.

Chainmail Expansion and Contraction – Tailoring like Knitting

How chainmail can be tailored by expansion and contraction.

Connecting Seams In Chainmail Armor

How to connect seams in mail armor.
How to make a tailored chainmail shirt

Making a Chainmail Shirt – A Chainmail Tailoring Tutorial

How to make a custom tailored a mail shirt.

Making Sleeves For Mail Armor

How to shape tight fitting chainmail sleeves.

Making Chainmail Gloves And Mittens

How to make mail mittens and mail gloves.

Making Punched Rings For Mail Armor

How to punched chainmail rings out of sheet metal.