Medieval Armor Books on Amazon

Here is a list of books about medieval knights, chainmail, and plate armor. They are certainly good presents for medieval and fantasy enthusiasts. When you follow the links and buy books, you are supporting this site. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a small share for qualified purchases. That works without any additional cost for you.

On Special Recommendation

European Mail Armour

This is with no exaggeration the bible of chainmail. It covers all mail from its invention to the year 1000. The author shows in great detail how rings are shaped and assembled and how all that changed throughout time. It is pricy yet worth it.

Books about Making Armor

Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction

If you are into making historic armor, this book is as good of an investment as your first hammer. With lots of illustrations, this introduces you not only to the types of armor but also to the tools involved.

The Home Blacksmith – Beginners Guide

As an armorer, you need many special tools. With basic blacksmithing, you don’t have to look for them, but make them yourself. This get’s you started with installing your workshop and shaping metal.

Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop

Chainmail also means jewelry. This is the ideal book to learn some modern chainmail patterns and create beautiful accessories.

Books to study Medieval Armor

How to Read European Armor

Now we’re talking: This book puts a focus on the most outstanding pieces of armor – in particular plate armor. It shows how the armor parts work and explains the crafts involved in creating these artworks.

Arms and Armor: Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A gallery of about 100 masterpieces from the famous American collection – including swords, firearms and crossbows.

Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era 1050-1350

If you want to reenact the crusader-time, this is your backup for archeological evidence. The book is bursting with detailed drawings and meticulously documented information.

Interpreting Medieval Effigies

Funeral monuments are a great source to learn about medieval armor that wasn’t preserved until today. With this book, you learn to differentiate which armor details are realistic and which are artistic expressions.

Arms and Armour of Late Medieval Europe

Not only a presentation of great masterpieces, yet also a lively introduction into the age of chivalry with many anecdotes about arms and armor.

Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor

This is the broad image book I wish I had as a child. It covers everything fascinating about arms and armor from clubs to firearms – from ancient Egypt to modern armies.

Historical Martial Arts and Other

Medieval Warrior: Weapons, Technology, And Fighting Techniques

A great overview for all aspects of warriors throughout the middle ages: armor, weapons, fighting tactics for individuals and for groups.

The Archaeology of Weapons

With this book, you dive deep into European history and how it was shaped by weaponry and fighting techniques. Everything is backed up with archeological findings. You get to see old sagas in the light of new evidence and learn more about the culture that used these weapons.

The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts

A great introduction for anyone interested in recreating historical martial art from historical sources. This shows you how to not only how to interpret historical source material, but also how to organize your practice.

The Longsword Techniques of Fiore dei Liberi

Get inspired by an Italian Sword Master from the late 14th century. This is about longsword techniques on foot without armor, including drawings, comments, and plenty of practical advice.

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