Soda Can Pull Tabs Chainmail

You can find other resources than wire for creating mail weave, for example pull tabs from pop cans. They look nicely and the aluminum makes them pretty lightweight.

Such a weave is comparatively fast and easy to build:

Pull tab is bend over

First of all you have to remove the tab from the can by moving it up and down. Afterwards you bend it in the middle in a certain angle. This works best with a thong. The angle depends on your favor, but it should not be too wide. Otherwise the weave will become crooked and can’t lay on a plain. If you choose a very pointed angle instead, the weave needs more tabs per area and the tabs may crack at the edge of the angle.

The pull tab is cut on the thinner side

Then you need a cut through the tab to make the connection possible. It’s your choice where you set it. One cut per tab is enough.

Pull tabs linked into each other

Open the cut an insert the tabs in each other like shown in the picture below; afterwards close it again.

Enlarge the weave with more tabs. The picture should give you an idea about the pattern.

Small weave with round pull tabs