Expanding And Contracting Mail Weave

How chainmain can be expanded and contracted to fit a body.

Expanding and contracting along columns

Expansion in chainmail. The blue ring is holding five other rings instead of four. The yellow ring is holding only three other rings. That causes an expansion from top to bottom. The frame of red rings widenes from four rings at the top to five rings at the bottom.

Shaping chainmail is much like knitting. The pattern can expand and contract. Thus it doesn’t need to have visible seams. Expanding European4in1 chainmail along the columns creates an almost invisible transition. It only needs a pair of two rings that differ from the pattern. In effect, a row of four rings is connected to a row of five rings. This is visualized by the frame of red-colored rings. That way the mail in the picture is growing from top to bottom. It is growing along the columns. A contraction is what is happening in the opposite direction. In other words the mail is growing shrinking from bottom to top.

Merging rows

Merging five rows into four. The yellow rings only hold three rings each.

In the above picture, the growth happens vertically. The same is possible horizontally, but it is less smooth. To do this two rows need to merge into one. This is done by two neighboring rings which only hold three rings each. This is typically used for giving sleeves a conical shape.