Tools on Amazon

Here is a list of tools on Amazon that you can use for making riveted chainmail.

Annealed Iron Wire 16 Gauge / 1.3mm

This wire is the best material for medieval chainmail – or at least the closest that you can reasonably get without smelting iron yourself. I recommend it for rings from 6 to 10mm.

Titanium Wire 16 Gauge / 1.3mm

With this titanium alloy wire, you can make ultra-lightweight chainmail. If your ordinary iron or steel mail-shirt weighs 9kg, a similar titanium shirt weighs only 5kg. It is not historically accurate but it doesn’t look too shiny either.

Aluminum Wire 12 to 22 Gauge various Colors

This is a beautiful material for making lightweight chainmail in many sizes and colors. I use this colored wire for marking rings when I do chainmail tailoring.

Titanium Rings 18 Gauge – 9 mm

To be honest, this is pure craziness. Yet maybe the world needs someone to create the lightest chainmail possible. I estimate one would need about 5kg of links.

Riveted Chainmail Shirt – 10 mm Flat Rings

With a price below 200 dollar this is extraordinarily inexpensive for riveted chainmail! One could use it as material for tailoring projects. For sure some links would need to be replaced.

Punching Tool

You can use this to punch round rivet holes into chainmail rings. I recommend you cut it shorter and reduce the diameter with a file.

Mini Anvil

This tiny anvil is only a bit longer than my middle finger. Yet it is a great tool to work with chainmail rings. It is useful for reshaping rings and hole punching. I sometimes even use it for flattening.

Modern Toolset for Punching

This set is great fun to experiment with different rings. It is actually designed to punch holes into metal. The smallest punch roughly fits the size for rivet holes. Yet it’s real value enfolds if you modify the exchangeable parts for setting rivets or even flattening soft metal.

Steel Rods for Coiling Wire

Short metal rods in various diameters. You can use them for coiling wire into spirals. You can either build a manual crank or mount it directly into an electric drill.